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Melyssa Williams is the author of the Young Adult, time-traveling, historical suspense series that readers call 'witty,' 'gritty,' and 'full of shocking twists you'll never see coming.' 
Her steampunk retelling of the famous ballet The Nutcracker is an imaginative nod to her ballet career, and is the perfect fit for steampunk fans, ballerinas, and anyone who loves a good sky pirate in their stories.
Also available, a compilation of short stories entitled The Alarming Side Effect of Books and Other Tales.

"I love Sonnet Gray. There are so many characters in novels that are unrelateable and leave you flat. Sonnet is one of my new favorite characters. She is funny, snarky, clumsy, unpretentious, clever, sad, caring and a true delight to get to know.
Sonnet was born in the eighteenth century, has lived in thirteen eras and, as the book opens, currently lives in modern times...for now! I adore her and her rag tag band of Lost "family" members.
Williams has written a hit that is spooky, spunky, romantic, suspenseful and mysterious.
I totally want more." ~Amazon

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